Cloud App Resilience for AWS

Significantly Increase Cloud Application Resilience on AWS with an App Environment Level Protection and Recovery


Appranix is a fully integrated service within AWS Cloud as a marketplace solution. No additional infrastructure necessary. Appranix service billing is part of the AWS monthly invoice.

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Why Appranix for AWS


Protect and recover entire application environments, including containers, VMs, databases, cloud network configurations, firewall, etc. for true cloud application resiliency


Reduce compliance risk with entire app environment testing for variety of disruptions, disaster recovery, system patching, and cyber security scanning with a copy of your production environment


Avoid building complicated bespoke AWS multi-zone, multi-region recovery management systems that are expensive, time consuming and highly risky to maintain

Google Infrastructure

"We use Appranix to replicate our app blueprints from one region to another and ensure app availability. We’re saving all those engineering hours we spent trying to build cloud failover internally. We don’t have the risk of maintaining the internal tools. We can provide SOX compliance reporting. And we can bring up apps in other AWS regions with a few clicks for predictable DR and much faster RTO. We have about 120 apps and 550 instances running on Appranix today"

Director for Cloud Engineering
World's leading live entertainment company

How it works


Appranix SRA discovers entire cloud application environments for instant environment copy creation, rollback and recovery for multiple use cases with simple and flexible organization policies


SRA uses AWS cloud-native platform services to deliver significant application reliability without any additional data lifecycle management, network management, or handwritten cloud automation scripts


Organizations can continue to use their existing cloud provider native consoles, API, CLI to manage production environments

Key Benefits

  • Significantly increase application reliability with complete cloud app environment protection
  • Build cyber resilience with rapid recovery from malware or ransomware attacks
  • Instantly rollback application environments to known good state from bad system deployments
  • Recover applications or entire microservices from any unplanned downtimes with a few clicks
  • Protect against cloud platform service downtime and planned maintenance
  • Perform system patch testing with a copy of application production environments in minutes
  • Reduce application risks from cloud misconfigurations with predictable recoveries
  • Release high quality software by creating test environments with real world data

Key Features

  • Automated discovery of applications cloud infrastructure services
  • Automated discovery of applications data infrastructure without affecting production
  • Automated VPC, network, security, load balancer, gateways discovery
  • Flexible automated cloud assembly creation with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Flexible policy-driven protection and data retention capabilities
  • Cross-region data replication control and monitoring
  • Automated cloud-native Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) based app environment recovery
  • Application post-recovery verification with health checks