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Financial Services Giant Decreased Cloud Application Resilience Cost by 85%

Family-founded and operated since 1990, Freedom Mortgage is a top mortgage lender. For over 30 years, Freedom Mortgage has helped millions of Americans achieve their dreams of homeownership and financial betterment. The wellbeing and improvement of our customers' lives and the communities in which they live fuels our ambition. We're driven by boundless stamina and an unwavering focus on continuous collaboration, relentlessly seeking the right solutions for every customer and loan every day.


Most of Freedom Mortgage's data centers were shut down, and the company began using a top cloud provider for all its computing needs. Freedom Mortgage's business requirements have grown significantly in recent years because of the company's rapid expansion. Across all their application environments, the Freedom Mortgage teams have utilized over 16,000 resources. These resources have been rapidly expanding over time in a variety of environments. For infrastructure auto-scaling, most of these systems employ load balancers at various levels. Throughout their development pipelines, many application teams deploy and update their environments frequently.

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