What is Cloud Resilience (CR)?

Ability of an application system to recover and continue to run after an outage.


Cloud Resilience (CR): Beyond traditional backup and recovery. Automated protection for IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, and data. Swift recovery from outages, and ransomware.

What is CR

Essential for modern cloud engineering and operations.

Backup, DR and continuous availability are not provided “automagically” in the public cloud. It is a shared responsibility. Cloud providers are responsible for the "resilience of" the cloud platforms. Responsibility of application resilience "in" the cloud belongs to the customers. CR solutions “application-infrastructure-centered” approach orchestrates protection of the configurations as well as data and automates recovery across different cloud services.

Business Impact of Cloud Resilience

Why CR is important?

Benefits of Cloud Resilience

Reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

CR solutions measure RTOs of entire application environments, not just data volumes recovery.

Improve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

With CR, RPOs are not single volume data backup times but entire distributed cloud applications backup as well as replication.

Reduce Organization Protection Risk

With CR, protect all the resources in a cloud environment, not just data of some databases and volumes.

Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Cost

Cloud Resilience rebuilds application environments, saving about 70% cost of cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Resilience vs. Other Cloud Recovery Software Solutions

CR stands out from other cloud recovery software solutions.

Just recovering data vs environment recovery from outages

Most of the backup and DR products just recover application data from backup or replicated data vaults.

Manual assembly vs Continuous cloud discovery and dependency mapping

Traditional disaster recovery products do not discover dynamic cloud application services and map dependencies leading to configuration drift from production environments.

Standby DR infrastructure cost vs On-demand environment rebuild cost

Traditional DR takes close to double the infrastructure similar to production. It takes time to build and maintain just for an unknown failover event. CR can quickly rebuild environments to save tremendous costs.

Traditional DR run books vs Recovery-as-Code

Traditional disaster recovery needs manual run book creation. Manual run books need constant maintenance as the production and DR environments will be frequently out of sync. Moreover, legacy DR model only recovers groups of virtual machines. All the network and environment setup are left to customers.

Since, CR solutions continuously discover cloud resources and map the dependencies, they can orchestrate a complex web of cloud IaaS, PaaS and Serverless services to have a complete recovery without having to write manual runbooks and hence avoiding all the maintenance nightmare.

Appranix Cloud Resilience

Appranix pioneered CR to provide comprehensive resilience to distributed and dynamic cloud applications. With our patented Dual-vault Cloud Time Machine architecture with automated Recovery-as-Code delivers hyperfast recoveries with no cloud experts or application developers or databases administrators are around.

Cloud Resilience for Cloud-First Organizations Resilience

Ensure your cloud application infrastructure is ready for any outage and cyberattack.

  1. 1

    Keep your infrastructure ready as your applications change

    CR has an adaptable design that adapts to your future application design, so you're always a step ahead for recovery.
  2. 2

    Peace of mind

    CR's advanced cloud-centric recoveries mitigate against outages due to cyber attacks.
  3. 3

    Scalable cloud recovery

    CR can expand effortlessly as your business systems expand and recover aggregate infrastructure services and data on multiple geographical sites, making it scalable to cope with growing infrastructure needs.
  4. 4

    Avoid secondary data lock-in

    CR avoids third party backup format data lock-in by using cloud platform's built-in snapshots and replication mechanisms.

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