Why Backup Your Cloud Infrastructure?

Are you one of the millions of businesses that rely on cloud infrastructure to run your dynamic distributed cloud applications? Do you have a backup plan for your cloud environment in case of a security breach? Or in the case of a misconfiguration? Join us for a webinar on why organizations have started to backup their cloud infrastructure away from the main cloud provider. Just like the application data you backup, it is important to backup your cloud environment meta-data, service dependencies and configurations, so you can recover from outages fast!

Speaker - Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • Ransomware attacks can completely take over your cloud account, just like what happened to one of our Azure customers. We'll discuss how this happened and how to prevent it from happening to your business.
  • An average cloud environment goes through 50 changes per day. That's a lot of configurations that need to be protected. We'll show you how to create a backup plan that will ensure your data is always safe and secure.
  • According to the latest IBM and Ponemon breach report, it takes on average 26 days to recover from a ransomware attack. That's a lot of downtime and lost revenue for your business. We'll explain how to minimize downtime and recover quickly in case of a security breach.

Join us and learn how to be resilient for business continuity from ransomware attacks or natural disasters.

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