Top 5 ways to achieve Azure cloud application resilience

Azure's well-architecture pattern says "Resiliency is the ability of a system to gracefully handle and recover from failures, both inadvertent and malicious" -

Along with Azure management tools, Appranix covers all the major components of the Azure well-architecture framework for resilience, and legacy BCDR competition is not even close! It is just not possible to recover from Ransomware attacks with just VM and database recoveries. You should be able to recover your entire distributed application infrastructure, dependencies, compute, and data infrastructure to be able to get your entire systems back online at any point in time in any Azure region. Achieve 50% or better cost savings without having to run redundant Azure environments in second or third cloud regions to do cloud-native DR. Join us to learn how to build better resilience for your cloud applications and avoid legacy data management lock-in.

Speaker - Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • Automatically reverse engineer Azure cloud environments and map dependencies for complex distributed applications
  • Backup all the environment resources per your backup and DR policies - VMs, network, load balancers, security, and configurations
  • Achieve complete application resilience for the entire app environment by leveraging built-in cloud Azure data management and redundant infrastructure
  • Recover VMs, security groups, scale sets, resource groups, load balancers, network policies, dependencies, and connectivity so your applications run as quickly as possible from any downtime!

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