AWS Well-architecture for Cloud Application Resilience!

Modern cloud-enabled applications are distributed and complex. Unlike data centers, cloud platforms hyper-scaled and fully software-defined infrastructures enable much better application resiliency without huge costs. However, cloud providers shared responsibility model emphasizes customers taking care of their application resilience using all the powerful capabilities of the cloud platforms. Join us for a discussion on how to utilize a born in the cloud application resilience service to protect against multitudes of failures, including Ransomware attacks, cloud service disruptions, failures due to software updates, or cloud region failures or natural disasters. Forrester says "Ransomware attacks are up 500% in the last year with damage costs expected to soar up to $11 billion in the coming year". As attackers continue to evolve and adapt, Forrester's VP, Principal Analyst, Bartoletti predicts ransomware attacks will get nastier and more sophisticated in an attempt to snuff any hope of a full recovery. Organizations have started building resilience with their cloud application environments.

Speaker - Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • Follow cloud provider well-architected frameworks to create application resilience using cloud-native services
  • Avoid using legacy backup, replication, storage snapshots, and site recovery systems and replace them with a simple integrated Cloud Application Resilience service
  • Fully leverage all the AWS cloud-native services without any additional backup or data management or DR infrastructure
  • Control cloud costs due to unauthorized snapshots and know your cloud costs ahead of time to balance between your RPO, RTO requirements and organizations compliance policies

You can subscribe to Appranix SRA Protect Service right from the Amazon Marketplace. You can create an Appranix account, discover AWS environment, protect and recover in literally under one hour. You can cancel anytime if you don't like the service.

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