Achieve AWS well-architecture for application resilience

Cloud well-architecture frameworks define cloud system resilience as “The ability for a system to recover from a downtime induced by load, attacks, and failures”. According to Gartner “By 2021, the root cause of 90% of cloud-based availability issues will be the failure to fully use cloud service provider native redundancy capabilities”. As enterprises expand the use of AWS cloud infrastructures to cloud-enable existing applications or build new cloud-native applications, their approach to cloud application resilience is changing fast as well.

Enterprises can now achieve 70% or better cost savings without having to run redundant cloud environments in second or third cloud regions for resilience. Cloud application downtimes cost $300,000 per hour on average or $5,600 per minute! it is now possible to balance cost and accelerate application and data recovery time with an app-centric approach. Join the conversation to learn and help your customers.

Speaker - Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • Discover and reverse engineer your AWS environments to analyze application resilience problems
  • Avoid just protecting VMs and databases, but protect all the cloud resources - VMs, RDS, Containers, Network, Load Balancers, Security, and Configurations for much faster recoveries
  • Avoid building DIY snapshot management systems that are complex and risky
  • Remediate resilience issues with fast recoveries from ransomware attacks, bad application deployments, configuration drifts, cloud service failures, cloud zone or region failures, or natural disasters
  • Achieve much better application resilience with 70% cost or less

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