1-click Cross-region Environment Failover from Cloud Region Downtime!

News like, "AWS US-EAST-1 suffers a critical wobble", "Azure outage knocked out virtual machines, other VM-dependent services", are becoming regular. And News like, "Ransomware has increased by 288% in H1 2021", "Ransomware damage costs expected to soar up to $11 billion in the coming year" are common nowadays. Legacy datacenter architected BCDR solutions will not help in these cloud-native situations. The issue is not backup; it is not even your ability to recover the data but it is the ability to failover or rollback your ENTIRE application environment, dependencies, data, and configurations to a previous timeline that is now ever more important!.

Speaker - Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • Failover your entire application environment to another region with no-code
  • Rollback entire environments to a previous point-in-time from a Ransomware attack!
  • Discover and reverse engineer your AWS/Azure/GCP environments to analyze application resilience problems
  • Backup your cloud configurations, and dependencies for rapid point-in-time recoveries
  • Avoid just protecting VMs and databases. Protect all the cloud resources - VMs, RDS, Containers, Network, Gateways, Load Balancers, Security, Routes, etc.
  • Remediate resilience issues with fast recoveries from ransomware attacks, bad application deployments, configuration drifts, cloud service failures, cloud zone or region failures, or natural disasters

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