The do-it-yourself approach to Kubernetes deployment and management

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As containers became the standard for creating modern applications or modernizing existing applications, Kubernetes (K8s) has become the de-facto standard for running them at scale and in production. Kubernetes has gained momentum with a very large community support including support from backers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat and many other large enterprises and SaaS companies. Cloud Native Computing Foundation (, the maintainers of Kubernetes, fosters a large eco-system of add-ons and associated platforms. As of this writing, there are 22,000+ contributors to CNCF, chief among them is for Kubernetes and its eco-system.

The evolving powerful capabilities of K8s and eco-system bring enormous complexity for businesses to setup and operate various parts of the system and keep up with the changes almost on a weekly if not daily basis. This white paper offers details and viewpoints of how a Do-it-Yourself approach to Kubernetes deployment and management could become expensive if organizations are not careful in laying the right management foundation. It is easy to get started for Site Reliability Engineering or cloud operations teams with an initial configuration of the cluster on cloud IaaS platforms such as AWS EC2, Google Cloud or Azure or VMware but on-going manageability becomes unsustainable. This paper also gives specific details of how businesses can benefit from Appranix Site Reliability Automation platform with capabilities to deliver, protect and optimize large multi-cluster K8s environments on multi-cloud environments.

Enterprise Management Associates has ranked Appranix as one of the Top 3 platforms for running containers at scale and in production using Kubernetes Laying the right container infrastructure management foundation for the modern cloud-native applications will immensely pay back over the long run besides getting the initial deployments completed in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.

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