How Appranix helped a reputed packaging solutions company achieve Application resiliency!

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A Reputable Packaging company specializing in high-quality packaging solutions for various industries. With their expertise in design, manufacturing, and distribution, they have built a strong reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction. Known for their commitment to tailored packaging options, Their automated solution has formed partnerships with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Their success in the industry is a result of their professionalism, reliable service, and ability to deliver cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions. In the competitive packaging market, As a reputable packaging company, they continue to thrive by understanding its client's unique needs and providing exceptional packaging that helps businesses excel.


As an automated packaging solution provider, they have all their workloads running in Google Cloud. They leverage Google Cloud's shared VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) capability by centralizing network infrastructure and allowing multiple projects or departments to securely share network resources within a single VPC. This allows their applications in different projects to communicate easily with less operational work.

They needed a recovery solution that completely discovered their shared VPC environment and all their projects. They did not want to recover their workloads to a new VPC during a failover and have their recovered applications not able to communicate. Instead, they wanted all the recovered resources to be brought up under the same shared VPC but in a new subnet (which is a DR subnet) to mimic their entire production environment.

Another major challenge was to automate the recovery of all critical environment resources so they could simulate the failover process everyday. Also they wanted to reduce cloud costs by removing the recovered resources after everyday tests.

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