How Appranix aided F500 in Azure region outage recovery

The recent Azure Southeast region outage in Singapore and other countries affected a large number of Azure customers, including a large enterprise customer with 120 Azure Resource Groups and 1801 resources. The entire operation was down, causing significant disruption to the business.

However, the enterprise customer was able to recover their entire subscription with 120+ resource groups in Europe in under 22 minutes, thanks to Appranix Cloud Application Resilience.


Appranix is a cloud application resilience platform that helps enterprises ensure the availability and reliability of their cloud applications and services. It enables customers to recover their entire cloud infrastructure in the event of an outage or disaster.

In the case of the enterprise customer, the Appranix platform enabled the company’s cloud operations manager to quickly and easily recover their entire Azure subscription with a few clicks. The platform automates the entire recovery process, ensuring that all resources are brought back online as quickly as possible, with minimal manual intervention required.

This seamless recovery process was possible due to Appranix’s continuous protection of all the resources in an Azure account. Appranix Cloud Application Resilience service continuously replicates Azure resources, dependencies, application images, and application data in the various databases to cloud operations teams can easily recover from such public cloud outages. There is no need for any recovery runbooks or various teams on the call to figure out all the moving parts of an application at the time of the failure.


Appranix also provides detailed reporting and analytics, allowing customers to understand the root cause of outages and to make informed decisions about how to prevent them in the future. This information helps customers to continuously improve the reliability and availability of their cloud infrastructure, ultimately leading to a better overall customer experience.

In conclusion, the recent Azure Southeast region outage highlights the importance of having a cloud application resilience solution in place to quickly and efficiently recover from outages. Appranix Cloud Application Resilience provides the peace of mind that customers need to ensure their business is always up and running, no matter what.