Appranix ensures cloud-native app-centric protection


Appranix Cloud Application Resilience SaaS provides customers with application-centric protection and recovery of the entire Tanzu Kubernetes environment(s) along with backup, DR, and failover of external data and platform service(s) for rapid recovery from downtimes.

2022–03–29 — Appranix, a leader in app-centric cloud-native backup and DR, today announced Cloud Application Resilience SaaS is available on VMware Marketplace.

VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware environments. Partners can easily publish their solutions for VMware customers across platforms such as VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Tanzu, and more. Customers will be able to access and purchase these third-party partner solutions directly from their cloud environments, while also experiencing the convenience of features such as notifications, reporting, and analytics.

Appranix is an agentless container application resilience SaaS that protects and recovers Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and namespaces. VMware Tanzu customers can now use Appranix to protect containers across many clusters and namespaces running dynamic distributed applications, and to recover or failover containers, whether in the same cluster or across another cluster in a different cloud. VMware Tanzu customers can protect and recover external data services or cloud platform services in-sync with their container applications as one assembly.

“We are pleased to see Cloud Application Resilience SaaS on VMware Marketplace,” said Ramya Sarangarajan, Director, Product Marketing and Strategy, VMware. “Compatible technologies, such as Cloud Application Resilience SaaS, enable our customers to build, run, manage, and better secure their applications effectively and efficiently using VMware products and services. We’re excited to work with partners such as Appranix to empower customers to derive the most value from their technology investments.”

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