Savior from a Fat Finger or Bad Deployment

With the critical pandemic hit situation in hand, everyone is undergoing some kind of stress. Stress and anxiety always are two dangerous things to have when you are handling enterprise application deployments and reliability. It is always better to believe in a well-tested automation system for such activities than a human, as the automation system does not have emotions and does not behave differently on different days and on different conditions. If you have fed it with correct inputs it will always run the same and provide the same results. Well, that is what is ideally expected.

“Ideal is always not real and is always approximately Zero!!!”

Savior from a Fat Finger or Bad Deployment

So, there is always a chance of human error due to multiple reasons when you are stressed or anxious. Let us take two simple examples, one a Fat finger problem of missing some configuration or typo in configuration values and the other of a bad deployment due to bad code, bad database update script. Having a system standing by to bring resilience to software systems would not only be ideal but making it real is the hardest problem! Especially, if you have to do it yourselves.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourselves. Here is a solution that runs as a fully managed service that continuously reads your application environment (read-only) and reverses engineers all the dependencies, and captures a point-in-time snapshot of your application environment along with the infrastructure metadata and your application databases, leveraging all the resilient cloud compute and data infrastructure capabilities.

Leveraging all the resilient cloud compute and data infrastructure capabilities

This solution gives you confidence and peace of mind even if you Fat finger or end up with a bad deployment in the middle of the night that takes down your application. You can bring back the entire system with a touch of a button either in the same region or in a different cloud region. Interesting!!! Isn’t it? What if I say you can try this experience over a coffee break!

Try out Appranix from Google Cloud Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.

Discover, Protect and Recover your entire cloud application environment in under 15 minutes to make your cloud applications resilient.