What’s new in Appranix during COVID-19?

Sometimes it is easier to think about solving customer problems when everything else seems stalled due to a once in a century pandemic. We have been busy releasing many interesting capabilities on our platform during the COVID-19. As more and more cloud-bound organizations create complex distributed applications, it is natural for them to seek out cost reductions but they do not want to compromise on application resiliency. Especially, during a pandemic when dispersed teams find it hard to hold everything together in IT. Cloud makes it easier and Appranix makes cloud applications resilience possible over a coffee break. Leave your legacy backup, recovery, and disaster recovery systems, and adopt the cloud application resilience model to make it easier with your cloud operations model.

Always-on Application Resilience with High Availability CloudSQL

You can now enable HA on any of the CloudSQL based databases on GCP to protect the entire application environment. Appranix will discover CloudSQL read-replicas configured across-regions and monitor replications while making appropriate copies of the application environment surrounding CloudSQL. There are two huge benefits to this approach.

How's Cloud App Resilience achieved

Cut down the cost of resilience with active-active CloudSQL across the region but active-passive configuration for all other application environment GCP resources Reduce the time and complexity of coding resilience with your IaC Discover more on what you can do with Appranix for CloudSQL applications here…

AWS Aurora Support

Appranix already supports all the AWS RDS platforms — Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres, and MySQL. Now, we have added AWS Aurora’s support as well. Check out what you can do with Appranix Aurora, and RDS support here

AWS Aurora Support

Google Cloud Global TCP, UDP, and Http(s) Load Balancers support

Appranix now supports all the GCP software-defined, global load balancers. When you scale your applications globally across different regions, Appranix is now ready to support resilience for those application environments seamlessly. Appranix Cloud Application Resilience automatically discovers all the load balancer configurations to understand the dependencies between all the GCP resources managed by the load balancers and allows users to create copies of distributed applications’ environments for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, or rollback from deployment errors or ransomware attacks.

Google Cloud Global TCP, UDP, and Http(s) Load Balancers support

Automated Recovery Simulations and Reset

Even though organizations have taken pains to move to the cloud and drop a lot of legacy practices, running DR tests has not become any easier. Appranix has made it incredibly simpler with our automated recovery simulations and reset. You can now simply add a set of policies to your Cloud Assemblies and ask Appranix to run them on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. Appranix will also automatically reset and delete all the cloud resources after recovery tests are completed. We have recorded a nice webinar to explain these capabilities here — https://youtu.be/QJHhWo16H6s

Automated Recovery Simulations and Reset

Enterprise security with multi-factor authentication

Appranix is validated and certified by AWS, Google, and Red Hat to support enterprise customers. Even though Appranix does not take customer application data to Appranix’s cloud, we enable additional peace of mind for our enterprise users with users to enable Multi-factor authentication for users. You can also enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with multi-factor as well.

Amazon Elastic Load Balancers Support

Appranix now supports all the load balancing types (ALB, NLB, and Classic) on AWS. You can achieve application resilience for your complex AWS resources connected and managed by layers of load balancing. Appranix automatically discovers these complex environments and protects them so you can recover them quickly from any type of failure.

Amazon Elastic Load Balancers Support

Support for AWS NAT Gateways

For enterprises, NAT Gateways are an important service within the AWS VPC to allow resources operating in private subnets to be able to reach out to the internet or other AWS external services. Appranix now protects NAT Gateways and allows for recreation at a point-in-time along with instances, storage, and other AWS resources in a Cloud Assembly.

AWS NAT Gateways

Resilience Insights

Our customers and managed service provider partners love the new Resilience Insights capabilities. One can get entire details about a particular protection timeline for audit compliance purposes or to understand why certain Cloud Assemblies fail to protect per defined policies.

Resilience Insights also report past Resilience Simulation or manual recovery reports to understand how cloud application resilience could be improved.

Appranix App Resilience Insights

Alerts and Notifications

Users now can get timely notifications from Appranix through subscription emails. These notifications deliver Daily Resiliency, Protection, and Recovery Failure reports so users can decide to take appropriate actions.

Appranix Alerts and Notifications