Achieve Continuous App Resilience with Cloud Tags

We have been helping small and large organizations achieve application resilience as painlessly as possible. In fact, we have been saying you could get your entire cloud application environment protected and recovered, literally, over a Coffee Break! But, wait,

  • What happens if you have to add more resources to protection in your application environment?
  • What if your CI/CD pipelines deploy more VMs, containers, as part of an infrastructure change? How are they protected?
  • What happens if your auto-scaling group scales-out during the peak loads and scales back-in after the load? Do you have to continuously monitor what needs to be protected and eliminate what is not necessary?

No need to fret!

You will be surprised why we keep saying, do not follow data center legacy approaches to protect and recover your cloud workloads. Drop your legacy mentality and use products created from the ground up with cloud platforms in mind. You can expand protection to the entire application environment and recover it with the touch of a button but achieve application resiliency that was not possible in the data center. However, it should not add a ton of more work for your operations teams. In fact, you would prefer if there were no work at all. This is precisely what we have done in our latest release.

We have gone a step further than policy-based automation of your cloud workloads protection by further enhancing it with cloud tags based model.

Automating policy-based protection further with cloud tags

Automating policy-based protection further with cloud tags

As mentioned in several of our webinars, Appranix continuously learns from your application environment without affecting your production systems.

With our latest release, you could simply add tags that correspond to an Assembly, Appranix will take care of including the new virtual machines with those tags as part of the Assembly. If your CI/CD pipeline removes those VMs with tags, or auto-scaling adds new VMs or removes them based on operating conditions of the applications, the Appranix Application Environment Time Machine will automatically reflect the changes with no further input from the users.

Appranix Application Environment Time Machine