Enterprise scale DevOps with Containers

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High velocity born-in-the-cloud organizations have disrupted well established markets using software based services. It is well known how Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Uber, and numerous others have disrupted the status-quo, created new business models using software.

Along the way, they have all figured out ways to flex their IT infrastructure, invent new development practices to release software features that slowly but surely changed how the software applications are written, deployed, tested, released and managed. The industry has coined the practice as DevOps by loosely combining development and operations.

There are many definitions for DevOps such as NoOps, ChatOps, SmartOps but the overall model is understood by the traditional businesses and IT organizations. Depending on the complexity, DevOps implementations across traditional agile software groups have varied in terms of maturity. This white paper gives a clear understanding on

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  • Where your organization stands in the DevOps implementation and continuum.
  • How to manage enterprise scale DevOps using Containers.
  • A machine learning cognitive model to orchestrate applications, data and infrastructure together to provide unprecedented visibility and control.
  • Using that model, a concrete approach to releasing apps faster, increasing resiliency and avoiding IT waste.