Cloud App Resilience for AWS

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Modern cloud-enabled and cloud-native applications are much more complex and depend on software-defined cloud-native infrastructure services than the traditional data center applications. When organizations migrate to AWS to cloud-enable their applications, they can leave their legacy backup, storage & host replication, disaster recovery, and environment cloning products in the data center and replace all of them with a single integrated cloud-native application resilience service.

Appranix delivers cloud application resilience to increase the reliability of enterprise applications running on AWS significantly. Appranix protects entire application environments in an AWS account, including EC2 instances, EKS, EBS, RDS, Load Balancers, Security Groups, VPC, DHCP options, Routes, and all their configurations and allows organizations to recover seamlessly in the same region, zone, or across another region by intelligently managing AWS cloud-native services. Organizations do not have to run third party data management products, or backup or disaster recovery systems, or site recovery management systems on top AWS.

Appranix high performance, agentless, forever incremental cloud-native architecture scales dynamically to keep up with stringent enterprise RPO, RTO, and SLO requirements.

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