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As technology advances and the cloud computing landscape evolves, several trends have emerged in the realm of cloud resilience. Unlike traditional applications, cloud applications are distributed, auto-scaled, and dynamic as the cloud environments go through changes frequently. Moreover, the complexity of the hyperscale platforms introduces challenges to cloud operations teams to recover from ransomware attacks or cloud region failures. Organizations find it hard to recover and rebuild these complex environments. However, it has been widely noted that cloud-enabled organizations struggle to rebuild their application environments from outages. This is in addition to the fact that cloud automation systems do not perform recoveries as they do not possess the tech or the exact know-how to back up data and cloud infrastructure. On the other hand, existing backup and DR systems were designed with the datacenters in mind and they do not understand cloud applications well. This is where Appranix—a cloud-native backup and recovery solutions provider—is helping businesses thwart the challenges associated with cloud environments. As a SaaS-based platform, Appranix is a pioneer in enabling enterprises to recover rapidly from cloud application outages to improve resilience.

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