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Our daily lives are increasingly influenced by technology, which has also altered the way we use services. It is crucial to secure that technology. This need is much more pressing on the cloud, because information is accessible from anywhere. The technique of rapidly recovering from disruptions to a business’s IT service is known as cloud resilience. It also entails preparing for business continuity and figuring out how technology systems can be continuously protected on the cloud platforms so the data and access are not lost even after a natural or cyber disasters.

Given its function in ensuring that operations continue in any situation, cloud resilience falls under the aegis of business continuity. We introduce you to Appranix which was established collaboratively by a group of experts in the cloud and container industries. Appranix cloud application resilience makes your cloud applications significantly more reliable with an application environment level backup, cross-zone, cross-region, and cross-cloud disaster recovery solution.

We had a conversation with Govind Rangasamy, Founder and CEO, to understand the company better

Q. What made you start Appranix? How has the company grown over the years?

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